Ian Garrett - Artist, Designer 
& Craftsman.

Fusions of Surealism, Islamic & Celtic design.

Ian Garrett

Artist, Designer & Craftsman.

Let me introduce myself, I am a artist who specialises in digital art, sculpture and jewellery design, living and working in South East London in the UK. As a revert to Islam my work takes inspiration from my European roots, adopted Islamic heritage and my love of Surrealism and the Avent Guard of 20th century art. 

It is customary to choose an Arabic name when you become Muslim.  I chose a name that sounded as close to my birth name as possible. I chose Emaan which means Faith. This is also why my website is called Art of Emaan. It was created so I could showcase my creations which are created as a means of exploring the middle ground that overlaps and intertwines from between these seemingly contradicting facets of my life.